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Príklad orthomolekulárnej psychiatrickej liečebne

Earth House is a model residential treatment center for young adults suffering from major mental disorders such as Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder.
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Earth House Treatment Concept

Earth House offers psychiatric patients a unique and innovative alternative to current hospital programs by providing a complimentary medical model, focusing on wellness and health rather than illness and pathology.  This lifestyle- changing program includes sound nutrition, a daily schedule of exercise, educational courses, and support groups, combined with excellent medical care providing a minimum of required psychiatric medication.  Earth House residents are called students, rather than patients, as they are engaged in learning a new way of living that will help them overcome the challenges of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, an depression.

In addition to medication, Earth House students take nutrients that have been prescribed by a physician in therapeutic doses to help restore normal balance in brain chemistry, allowing for lower doses of medication, reduced side effects, improved functioning, and fewer symptoms. Along with other components of the program, this greatly improves quality of life and compliance.

Earth House students gradually become self-sufficient through learning how to function successfully in our structured environment before adding responsibilities in the real world.  Individual talents and capabilities of each student are recognized and cultivated.  Students are expected to attend all scheduled courses, which include Literature, Drama, Art, Tai Chi, and Yoga, and participate at the level at which they are capable.  Each learns cooking techniques and how to manage their individual nutrient and medication program.  Those who have successfully completed the Earth House program, "graduates", are able to maintain part-time or volunteer employment, drive a car, and manage their own affairs with a minimum of guidance.  This is especially significant as the majority of students come to Earth House as a last resort, after years of psychiatric treatment and numerous hospitalizations.

Earth House is a tax-exempt institution licensed in the state of New Jersey for approximately 30 years.  In regular attendance and as needed, are a psychiatrist, a complimentary physician, two clinical psychologists, and a psychiatric nurse.  Nestled on several wooded acres along the Delaware and Raritan Canal in a converted 18th century farmhouse, Earth House has natural boundaries that allow for a less restrictive environment.  Individuals are treated with respect and dignity in a home-like, low stress community.


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Earth House

521 Canal Road
P.O. Box 2058
East Millstone, NJ 08875
732-873-2212 Telephone
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